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La Bella Baby Spa is located in the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) to ensure your little one is surrounded by the worlds best healthcare experts. We focus our treatments on your baby's overall health.

Dubai Healthcare City, La Bella Baby Spa | Best Baby Spa in Dubai
Qualified and certified Pediatric Nurses and Physiotherapists in the La Bella Baby Spa | Best Baby Spa in Dubai

جميع موظفي لا بيلا بيبي سبا مرخصون ومتخصصون في طب الأطفال.
إنهم يعرفون بالضبط كيف يستمعون إلى احتياجات رضيعك ليقدموا تجربة سبا للأطفال فريدة من نوعها.

لا بيلا بيبي سبا مملوك لألمانية.


The design of La Bella Baby Spa was chosen to calm your baby. All of our 4 rooms are unique and spacious for you to bring along family members and friends. The music is calming and relaxing.

La Bella Baby Spa for a hygienic and nurturing experience that promotes your baby's wellness and strengthens the parent-child bond.
 A sanctuary of cleanliness and wellness where your baby can thrive.


Our mission is to provide a pristine atmosphere of healing and harmony using a combination of tailored baby massage and hydrotherapy/floating sessions to promote your baby's physical and cognitive stimulation.

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